Actor coaching: the development of stage characters

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Actor coaching: the development of stage characters

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The last year, the specific missions in our projects required a very specific new skill to be developed.

Several projects we were working on had a direct need for the coaching of very talented people into the creation of a specific character for the show wer were developing. AoE assisted in trying to find the character written in the script deep inside the actor.  The actors we needed to coach were not real actors, but dancers and stage performers.  And combining our knowledge of story writing, with speaker coaching (for conferences etc.) and even more our show direction experience, made it into a perfect mixture to assist these already very talented and creative people in doing an even better job on stage!

A very rewarding mission as virtually you are with them on stage as they ‘transform’ into the character. 2 very fine examples can be found in Christ’OF during his MY VISION theatre show and Lizzy De Lobel during the “Circus, Cirkus” dance recital by MOVE. Although Christ’OF speaker perfect dutch for a native French speaking Belgian, he needed some coaching to make his lines sound natural and fluent, even for a native Dutch speaking audience.

We stept away from the theatrical written monologues and went into a very accessible social dutch, allowing everyone in the audience to easily connect. Lizzy on the other hand, has been dancing for years and is a member of the professional dance squad “The Groovies”.  She knows about ‘living the part” and acting emotions on stage.  But the jump towards the acting (without dance) of a mime clown leading character took het out of her comfort zone.  Together we discover Clown Lozzy inside her talents.

Should you wish more information about this, do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]   Some images:

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