Another AoE service: speaker coaching and show direction

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Another AoE service: speaker coaching and show direction

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It is one think to organize a smooth event operation from A to Z, but in all the pre-event urgencies and modifications one should always stay focussed on the speakers and managers presenting on stage.  Take away their stress, reassure them that all will run smoothly and guide them in bringing their content and expertise across to the audience in optimal conditions.

It is about a lot more than just handing microphones and explaining about jingles: explain the use of the stage, entry and exit, the use of furniture, worst case scenarios… all these things help them to be ready to tackle any unexpected situation on stage.

A part from that small hints on their presence on stage, shirts, ties, what to do with the hands… make them catch the audience’s attention.  Your speakers will feel well coached and managed, and you as the event manager will keep your hands free for your quality control of the overal event.  Ideally a specialist for the powerpoint or keynote presentations available for all modifications and a power technical show team and you are running a smooth show.

The last important partner in this stage management team is the moderator/presenter/host(ess).  They also are part of the machinery to make your event run smoothly on stage.

All these ingredients met once more on stage recently for a client event for Swantegy.  Swantegy understands very well the importance to focus on the message to get across during every element of (an event and its) communication.  By doing so they actively underline their corporate tagline:

Swantegy: “Designing meetings that increase business and performance”

For one of their clients a team was set up together with Blue Square to run an efficient show. AoE was asked to partner of for the scenario and show direction as well as to assist with the speaker coaching.    Virginie Claes -always professional and a real pleasure to work with- was the chosen moderator.

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