AoE show creation & emotioneering

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AoE show creation & emotioneering

AoE wants to (help you) write the event story from ‘once upon a time’… until ‘and they lived happily everafter…” and then help you create it!

This translates in two large fields of activity: event production and artistic production.  In this post you will be shown the artistic chapter…



Core business for AoE is the story telling of an event experience.  We invent, write and then create the show for your event.  However this service is very large and can start at the very beginning of the event.  Our services range from mere artist booking and coordination over tailor made show act productions all the way into complete show creation made to match you every wish and briefing detail.

The story, the scenography, the visuals, the moodboards, costume and charachter design, make-up… they all work together in creating that ONE emotional show moment of magic!

Basic working procedure:

  • intake briefing: listen!
  • analysis and research: understand and broaden the horizons!
  • think and dream: let the mind play tricks…
  • create and write: time to share the vision
  • study and prepare: can it be done?  what are the limitations?  what will be the investment?
  • design and illustrate: how to get across your dream castles
  • ‘story tell’ the dream
  • preproduce the show: match the pieces of the puzzle and create new pieces to match even better
  • artistic, direction, mise-en-scene and rehearsals
  • show direction
  • enjoy the result!

Some examples of various ‘creations’ during these working procedures (please note that no single idea can ever be the result of just one person, it appears thanks to the chemistry and alchemy between the people working on it, so none of these were ‘my’ work, but always have been the result of a creative team):




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