AoE+ Services : Concept development and graphic services

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AoE+ Services : Concept development and graphic services

Pitches get more expensive every day for the event agency.  A basic investment of 5.000 € is no exception at all for a simple quote.  Add to that the always rising expectation level of the end customer to have 3d designs, video mock-ups, layouts, roughs… and it gets ridiculous to keep up this extreme high level of ‘sign here’ quotes.

Clients seem to expect the offer to be in a final level so that they only need to pay and the event is done!  This off course is impossible, as you will see in all markets… except for the event market.  We keep on pushing the limits and by doing so make it almost impossible for ourselves to maintain a healthy business model.

A one-stop-shopping solution for the basic presentation pitch documents can already be one step towards a solution.  AoE can (co-)create the basic concept with your team and write the presentation document.  But even more, the graphic and audiovisual skills that we have to offer in-house (or with value-for-money partners) allow you to bring convincing presentation documents to support your winning concept, but at the same time keep the investment reasonable!

We are NO advertising agency and don’t wish to be…

We are NO graphic design agency and don’t pretend to be…

We are no Audiovisual production company and don’t intend to be…

However we have over 20 years of experience in (event) marketing which allows us to have a good feeling and insight in what would work for which target audience.  Add to that the wide range of graphic skills, in-house and with preferred partners, and we can bring you a power team to win the pitch! (or create your event production for you)

Discover for yourself what AoE and its partners can offer you in the visual development of your (and our)  concepts:




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