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Loungexpo: a great new exhibit concept by EXPO Point

EXPO Point / VOM vzw

Participating in exhibits has become a huge investment for enterprises, almost leaving it exclusively to the largest companies to show their presence to the fair visitors.  But how should you react as a small(er) competitor?  Just disappear from these fairs and hope the clients find you in other ways?    Or be present with a minimal surface making the comparison with your huge competitors almost look ‘silly’? How is a company to make sure that the audience is reached with reasonable investment and most of all without having a ‘low quality’ look?

Koen Den Haerynck from EXPOPoint has been confronted with this issue for years.  With his company he creates very nice and high-value-for-money exhibit booths.  His background in nightlife entertainment adds to his experience in understanding how the audience will use, even more how they will experience the construction he designs.

From the years that EXPOPoint has been working on several national and international fairs, Koen learned a lot, especially from his client’s frustrations on the participation in major fairs and especially the huge investments they require, making it more and more impossible for ‘smaller’ companies to keep participating thus enlarging the gap between them and their larger competitors.

As these frustrations kept recurring, he started thinking about possible solutions.  Now Koen has come up with a great -once more high-value-for-money- concept to offer a solution for these companies.

The Loungexpo concept is not just a solution for a fair, or a ‘cheaper booth design’ solution. Loungexpo is a full fair concept, with online planning,  full service package and most of all numerous intelligent ways to optimize the exhibitor’s investment by networking and intelligent new approaches of the fair visit experience.

Some examples:

  • The formula is an ‘all-in’ formula, allowing a full service no/low cost experience for the visitors, even including parking, cloakroom, drinks and food.
  • A full online follow-up of your guests is part of the package, with opt-in extra packages, reporting etc.
  • A member gets member strategy can lower your fair presence investment cost!
  • The booth modules design, developed together with AoE and Trimex, allows with the same traditional floor surface to have 25% more surface for  branding visibility
  • The walls are all positioned in different angles, optimizing the viewing angels t your booth
  • The hexagonal beehive shape makes all booths had open, optimizing the use of the floor space and giving the feeling that the booth is twice its surface, allowing you also to put twice the furniture
  • In the isles of booths a huge backstage for all exhibitors within that isle (it also hides perfectly all technical setup
  • Matching rigged hexagonal light structures optimize the lighting design without complex rigging plans.
  • Large hexagonal chandeleers indicate the isles with their categories
  • The corridors are never straight, always based upon the same hexagonal structure so that the overal look feels more like a lounge that the traditional fair
  • Open spaces in between isles become cosy lounges
  • Existing booths can still be integrated in the corners of the room and next to entrance/exit doors etc.
  • Extremely flexible design to modify depending on the final number of exhibitors without negatively influencing the overal atmosphere

For all of the details on these, best contact Koen.


AoE was contacted to work with Koen on the creation of a real experience within his concept.  Together we created a specific booth design and exhibit scenography inspired by the honeycombs and movement of bees in the beehive.  We created a special concept logo for Koen and the project was realized for a first extremely successful edition in the Brabanthal in Leuven.

The concept, booth design and fair strategy have been patented and protected as it is very new and inspiring, but most of all because it works!

Do not hesitate to contact Koen for more information.

It was a pleasure for us to have been part of the creative development of this very nice intelligent project.

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