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After one week of successful games the Eurasian Special Olympics athletes the 2014 Special Olympics EUROPEAN SUMMER GAMES Antwerp have festively ended in the Antwerp Sportpaleis.  A musical show for 12000 fans, athletes and volunteers created by Jean-Pierre Deschepper with artistic direction by AoE inspired by a creative concept by Lot Seuntjes by Theater Tol was presented to a great audience.

In BELIEVE, the Opening Ceremony, a Special Girl met a Special Boy during the Games week in the young girls dream, in this Closing Ceremony we see her future wedding with the boy, as part of her hope vision.

HOPE, the Closing Ceremony was a musical celebration of love, friendship, respect, self confidence and success!

Two ceremonies, one story.  Where the Opening Ceremony was “BELIEVE” and illustrated the dream of a Special girl, in the Closing Ceremony “HOPE” we have the girl wake up after a beautiful dream filled with hopes for her future, a normal future like any other young girl would dream about: meeting someone, falling in love, a proposal, and finally marriage to start a life happy ever after.

The Closing Ceremony was a musical show as where the Opening Ceremony was a visual show.  The main story line was the love story starting the “Games of the Heart” message in “BELIEVE” that continues in this show.

The Girl comes back from the Games where she has participated, the boy was a volunteer assisting, cheering… and their romance grew.  During the 2 hour show filled with musical performances by no less than Stijn Meuris, Sandra Kim, Axel Hirsoux and Natalia, the ‘dream scenes’ illustrated the life of The Girl, still accompanied by the Dream People, that came with her from her dream when waking up.

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