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Special Olympics: Blessed with a unique team!


at first you sit in front of a white screen,

on one side a briefing, some words on a sheet of paper, a book about unique Special people and a program sheet for what promises to be a unique event…

in your mind the memory of some concerned people you have met in your life, and then, you can start thinking, creating…

One of the first questions you have: who will we be working with?  And you start imagining who will be the people in your team, how they will work together, how we will create emotional show magic as one!

Experts on all fields, from technicals to logistics, a creative that becomes a clown after inspiring like the ‘cement’ of your story, cutting some of the stones of the story’s foundations… the best technical and graphic designers, storyboard artists, scenographers… decoration wizards, not on speed but on Energizer batteries… simply UNSTOPPABLE!  A costume designer/producer that probably has a time machine hidden somewhere in her workshop, a video team that translated the images in my head into real video decors.

So many talents, from the ones we already knew to some impressive new discoveries, so many new faces, so much motivation and positive energy!

Extra’s and volunteers, helping hands and show assistants, freelancers, students, schools… And not in the least place all the partners and sponsors who made the event possible!

Somebody very dear told me “Holding the Olympic Flame, I didn’t expect it but it did something with me…”, and we all held the Olympic flame!


And when…

You start writing your story, with on the other side all the sheets of paper, post-its, paper edge notes of ideas emerged during brainstorming sessions with the team in meeting rooms, bars, traffic jams, night tables… the craziest moments and places.  So many people added to the story with their creativity and expertise, with their energy and positivism.  Every team member starting to inspire the other, becoming one SPECIAL OLYMPICS SHOW FAMILY!



than I become every second more aware how blessed me and the creative show production team members have been to be surrounded by such an elite of people.  The shows that we produced all together were the result of a huge team and their talents and energies.  I for one am mighty proud to have been the inspiration for so many of them to start creating with us and lifting OUR show to the highest level.



The entire SPECIAL OLYMPICS events, show and production team is extremely grateful for all the volunteers, experienced help and talent we had in the team.

Steven Martin

And the Special Olympics adventure has not finished, they keep on the important work and need your support: www.special-olympics.be

2014 Special Olympics EUROPEAN SUMMER GAMES Antwerp

Opening Ceremony “Believe”

13th September, Brussels Palais 12

We wanted to create an honest story, in which each and every athlete recognizes their own life adventure.  A story that tells things like it is, without a storyteller but with very simple and clear visual experiences.  All ceremonial elements integrated in one complete show experience.

Palais 12 was the venue for the show, completely rebuilt to welcome 10.000 spectators of which 2800 athletes, coaches and officials.  We had Palais 11 as backstage, 11.000m2 backstage!!!

A unique job created by a unique team of people… some facts and figures:

a 2 hour show with 7 scenes

music by Michel Bisceglia

458 characters in the show

12 acrobats by Close Act, 35 show gymnasts by OTM Ghent, 8 taiko drummers by Tataké Taiko, 12 fire jugglers by Attention Jongleurs, 3 Special Clowns

16 make-up artists by FANTASY Worldwide, 12 hairdressers by PIHS Ghent, 8 coordinators

28 days of studio rehearsal, only one day on site

almost 2 years of preproduction

a huge team of volunteers, partners, technicians, event professionals coordinating…


See the highlights on this YOUTUBE link.



The integral streaming of the show:



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