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Creative thinking: add spice to your concept!

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“Creativity is looking at the world and seeing what everyone else sees, but thinking what no one else thinks.”

The main differences between an in-house creative and a freelance creative are ‘input’, ‘interaction’ and ‘stimuli’, all together they create a virtual world/room/garden/… inside the creative’s mind in which he or she can wander for hours.

Any imaginable item can inspire if you have learned to look at it in the right way, and this we learn by exposing ourselves as much as possible to those three pillars of creativity: input, interaction and stimuli.

INPUT: every possible object, music, sound, odeur, smell even, image, atmosphere, work of art, childs drawing… really ANYTHING is creative input as well as you have learned to look differently and see the things for more than they are…

INTERACTION: different studies have show, contrary to what we believe, personal interactions, conversations, storytelling… inspire us hundreds of times more than books, online research, art exhibits etc.  So interact, communicate, be ‘open’ to receive as if you were a creative radio receiver.

STIMULI: always stay sharp for the unlimited tsunami’s of stimuli that are fired upon you every day, wether it is a radio message or a print on a ladies skirt, a sound that reminds you of your childhood or the sorrow of loosing someone… all these things stimulate our senses and make us experience.


AoE has a real passion about creative life and constantly imagines new things, sees new mind images, feels new emotions.  This allows us to offer you an very broad ‘creative foundation’ because of our very high interaction with artistic as well as client worlds, performers and dancers, as well as scientific researchers and blue collars, basically we interact with the world.

You can as us to assist you in:

BASIC BRAINSTORMING: have us manage a brainstorming with external experts or ask us to participate in your brainstorming session and add some extra fuel to the engine.

FULL CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT: after a brainstorming session we can develop a full live experience in events, markering, brand activation, communication, audiovisual software, exhibits, fairs… basically any imaginable means of communication.  We are NOT LINKED TO ANYONE so we decide objectively which tool for you will be most suited.

EVENT UPGRADES / IMAGINEERING: when your event concept is ready but you feel something is missing, we can have a look at the project and add ‘upgrade’ ideas small and big, graphic and audiovisual, entertainment or social media… any idea that optimizes the experience for your target group.

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It is not ‘easy’ for us to tell you exactly where we can be of your assistance with our creative skills, as possibly our added value can be very wide.

Do not hesitate… if you have a project and want to have some new creative energy in your team, or if you don’t have the creative minds in house, contact me and lets discuss how I can help you win the project.

Contact us now!

And then this… can creativity be taught at school? Discover how Sir Ken Robinson feels about this:





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AoE+ Services: 3D design brings concepts to life

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Nowadays it has become possible to virtually create parts of your event or even complete events before even ever having set foot the venue.  The 3d modelling programs allow you to show in detail the concept that you have in mind allowing you to convince or even more reassure the client about the feasibility and design of your proposal.


AoE can assist you either in a one-stop-shopping solution with design skills in Sketchup, Maxwell, Photoshop, Indesign… which for a first proposal in pitch is a perfect solution to keep the commercial investments acceptable for your agency.  Have AoE co-create your concept, write the presentation pitch document and event create the visuals.

With a large netwerk of very experienced partners in design and event/show production we can assist you in choosing the right partner to upgrade the design level. Ranging from WYSIWIG, Vivien, Autocad, VectorWorks, Maya, Cinema4D…  they can create reality respecting visuals of your projects.  Even movies are possible when needed.

This is not a ‘limited budget’ solution, however you will find that investing in these plans and designs will optimize your production time and avoid lots of problems on site during setup and rehearsal.

Contact us for more information about our possibilities and our partners.

Some pictures of our designs:  (more recent to be added soon, after period of cool-down in pitches, productions etc. )


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